Specialist Software for the Textile Industry


Order Management and Production Control for Knitted Fabric manufacturers.

KnitControl Ver 1.12

Order Management and Production Control for Knitted Fabric manufacturers

  • Total monitoring from factory floor real – time production to invoicing.
  • Complex orders easily managed.
  • Multiple processes capable, dyeing and printing.
  • Complete Batch flexibility
  • Import subcontracted greige
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Node-net, Specialist software for the Textile Industry
Node-net started life as the in-house IT department of a high fashion garment designer and manufacturer.We have been writing software for the garment and fabric trade for 25 years.
We have now made commercially available our first stand alone program, KnitControl specifically for knitted fabric manufacturers who process, dye and print textile qualities to specific customer specs.

The program would also be useful to fabric traders and converters.

In short KnitControl tracks rolls of unprocessed greige from the factory floor all the way through to invoicing providing all the labels, paperwork , delivery notes, dyers instructions, and reporting to enable the knitter to keep track of every roll and every stage of order fulfillment.



Now at a click, I know the state of play of all my orders and as you know, informed customers are happy customers!

Zuber Ali

Account Manager, VM Fabrics Ltd

Knit Control Features


Create Delivery Note/ Dyer Instruction directly from Order.

Pick rolls from real-time stock production

Enter complex orders – multiple colours, finishes,multiple delivery dates.

Multiple delivery addresses for customers

Batch monitoring to and from dyehouse.

Monitor yields expected against actual.

Invoice multiple deliveries easily.

Search orders by Customer PO number, internal delivery note, customer orderdetail id, date, quality, colour,

New Features recently added


Email order confirmation pdf to customer

Large Size forms for ease of Use by visually impaired

Track Merge usage by weight and cost.

Transfer batch to different order.

Print labels for finished rolls

Import Greige from subcontractors.